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Customer Service Desk: Reusable Bags

Making a Difference Together

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why this year, as we have in the past, we’re donating money from the sale of select reusable bags to sustainability projects throughout our communities.

Since 2016, Publix has donated money to the Arbor Day Foundation. With these donations, they were able to plant more than 225,000 trees. Look for the bags that give back and help with this year’s sustainability efforts.

When you purchase one of these Publix reusable bags, ten cents from the bag’s purchase price will go to support sustainability projects in local communities, up to a maximum of $125,000 per year.

Here’s just one example of the many ways your contribution will make a difference:

Each year, Publix associates participate in a tree planting ceremony to celebrate donations to the Arbor Day Foundation. In 2016, Publix donated more than $105,000 to the foundation, and the funds were used to plant more than 100,000 trees along the upper and lower Ocklawaha River watershed in north central Florida. In 2017, Publix donated $125,000, allowing members of the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees across 194 acres, including:

  • 53,000 longleaf seedlings planted across 95 acres in the Little Orange Creek Preserve (part of the lower Ocklawaha River watershed
  • 72,000 longleaf seedlings planted across 99 acres in the Withlacoochee River watershed.

Since the 1800s, the Ocklawaha area has experienced a major decline in water quality and loss of river and marsh territory. The trees will help clean the waterways and restore wildlife habitats. This project reflects our commitment to sustainability efforts and the protection of natural resources.

Learn more about the importance of protecting trees here.

Join our commitment to the environment and buy a Publix reusable bag today. Then inspire others to do the same by taking it with you everywhere you go: to the gym, work, school, to the park, and especially to the grocery store.