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Storefront: Earth Day

At Publix, Every Day is Earth Day

From supporting sustainable fisheries and donating perishable foods, to encouraging the use of reusable bags, we’re proud to promote practices protecting the environment throughout the year.

Better Seafood Practices

Sustainable seafood starts with finding partners who share our passion, like the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). This year, our $40,000 donation will help the SFP work with tuna fisheries to improve the long-term sustainability of the species through the development and implementation of harvest strategies. These strategies would include better overall management of the fishery and methods for reducing unintended bycatch of other species in longline fisheries. To learn more, visit

Over the last eight years, we have donated over $320,000 to Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) to support various Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs). Learn more about other FIPs.

Better Bags. Better Tomorrow.

We save more than 50 million paper and plastic grocery bags per month through better training, ambitious goals, and more support from our shoppers. Thanks to more customers making the switch to reusable bags, the number we save continues to grow by the minute. Ready to see the latest numbers?

Giving Back. Never Giving Up.

Taking care of the planet means taking care of the people on it. By establishing a perishable recovery program and partnering with Feeding America®, we’re able to donate unsalable yet still consumable foods to feed families throughout our communities

Our Planet. Our Passion.

Now is the time to celebrate our Earth Day accomplishments. We will continue to innovate and improve because at Publix, a better tomorrow is worth the effort.